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27 June, 2017     Suzanne     Uncategorized

It began with

The Justice Brothers

Three extraordinary men and the women who love them

How much distance do you need from your past before the dust settles?



Family Justice followed

Marriages, families, new faces, old issues

Life in Bendover continued

And now


Against a backdrop of weddings, babies, family surprises and

the usual antics of Family Justice,

Major Alex Marquez has been holding something back

A secret that could very well destroy everything

The dust hadn’t settled – not entirely

Just when everyone thinks life is pretty good, the bottom drops out

In an unexpected twist, Justice is called to action one more time

Alex, Cam, Draegyn and Roman Bishop aren’t alone

Domineau Rivera is revealed as the lone female team member

Then there’s some guy named Rafe D’Alessandro

But that’s not all.

Original Justice has an enemy

And a surprise – Parker Sullivan was more involved than anyone knew


Glimpses into the past and an eye on the future

The Justice saga continues

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