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22 December, 2017     Suzanne     B+M Bites, Business

The Search

A Christmas Tree Adventure 


Roman’s hand shot out to intercept the massive pinecone Kelly tossed in his general direction. She laughed out loud when he snatched it from the air with little effort. The man had great reflexes.

Habit drew her gaze to the area below his waist as a longing sigh escaped her mouth. Roman’s reflexes were nothing compared to the skills and talents his wilder side unleashed. Something he’d demonstrated with an early morning gusto that left her quivering and shaken long after.

“You have a plan for all this crap, right?”

She chuckled at the churlish tone in the indulgent tease. He didn’t care if she filled their home with stuffed animals and deer antlers – as long as she was happy, he was good.

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