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11 August, 2017     Suzanne     Justice, Releases

The Family Justice Saga continues with

Honeymoon Angel

A Family Justice Novella

The Counselor and his Desert Angel

These two went to hell and back as a couple

Their history was messy and complicated

Until …

Angelina Marquez returned to Arizona and confronted the elephant in the room

And who or what was that elephant?

Why, Parker Sullivan, of course!

An honorary Marquez and her brother’s best friend, Parker is the secret she never meant to expose. Needing closure nearly a decade after their clandestine affair crashed and burned, Angie returns home and sets off a chain of reactions that shakes up Family Justice when the truth finally comes out.


Fast-forward one year to a comically packaged happily ever after that’s queued up and raring to go now that they are officially Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan.

What better way to start off their new life as a married couple than with a baby-making, naked honeymoon on a lush, private, tropical isle?

Parker and Angelina

Together at last and up to the hot and steamy antics you’ve come to expect from them!


AUGUST 18, 2017




  The look back in time story you’ve been waiting for! Team Justice on a wild weekend of R&R in Bangkok Alex Cam Draegyn Parker Rafe Roman Domineau and a cameo by Sawyer ORIGINAL JUSTICE ~ A Justice Brothers Novella AVAILABLE NOW AMAZON     READ FOR FREE WITH 

24 July, 2017

Checkmate ~ A Bishop’s Pawn Novella

Checkmate ~ A Bishop’s Pawn Novella

For Everyone Who Wanted More CHECKMATE A Bishop’s Pawn Novella “Every leap of faith is a judgment call.” ~*~*~ Kelly’s leap took her far from the home she loved and hated. Freed from the tentacles of her dead mother’s life-destroying choices, she bravely takes on New York City. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the […]

25 April, 2017