The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

10 December, 2017     Suzanne     Justice

“I couldn’t resist. It’s so cute.”

Angie was rambling with near breathless excitement about the baby and Christmas. Parker drank in the sight before him and couldn’t decide which blessing to count first.

Of the many staring him in the face the most obvious godsend was her. Holy god, Angelina Marquez was his wife. Not a day went by that he didn’t offer thanks to whichever benevolent spirit paved a way for them to be together.

Not only was she officially Angelina Sullivan, nestled snug and safe within her body was the child their wild passions helped create.

“Mom was grabbing every first Christmas thing in sight!” His happy angel giggled while she folded her latest haul of baby shit. “Now, mind you, I’m not admitting to anything but I may have wrestled with her a little bit over the snowflake outfit.”

His chuckle was real because he didn’t doubt for a moment that Angie and Ashleigh Marquez threw down in a store. The Marquez women were hellions and firebrands cleverly disguised as ladies. Nothing any of them did was a surprise.

Stroking her hair, Parker teased just a little. “Since the snowflake getup is definitely a girly thing, I’m sure she was thinking you’re doing that cart before the horse thing again.”

He was on the sofa with his back against an arm and his legs stretched out. Angie sat on the floor with the sofa as support. She sat cross legged so her belly wasn’t restricted. When her head tilted and she looked over her shoulder, Parker filled with warmth.

With a thousand watt smile she shot him her very best angel smirk. “Oh, get real. We both know it’s a girl. Stop trying to be fair and somewhat balanced. We’ll be thrilled no matter what but this time I’m running with my intuition.” She rubbed big circles on her bare belly. “Girl.”

Then she went right back to babbling about a pre-Christmas sale and something being twenty percent off.

His eyes swept the cozy family room. Despite the open floor plan, his wonderful wife showed another of her many talents and transformed the big space into what she called comfort zones.

Right now they were relaxing in front of the Christmas tree while red and gold flames danced in the fireplace. Holiday music softly played in the background. The twinkling fairy lights on the tree cast a magical glow.

Angie shifted and leaned her head on his stomach. Her sigh wrapped around his heart.

“I can hardly wait, Parker. Our baby will be here for Christmas.” Another long sigh and then, “We’re so lucky.”

“Are you happy, my angel?”

She answered with a smile and quietly murmured, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Then yes, my husband. I am quite happy.”

They gazed into each other’s eyes for a long time. Sometimes words weren’t necessary. And besides, a correct vocabulary that described his real feelings hadn’t been created.

How could he explain that she was his everything? Nothing felt adequate so he let the language of lover’s lost in each other’s eyes speak for him.

Eventually, naughty angel pushed her way to the front of the line, thereby ending the tender, romantic moment.

“You haven’t said anything about my outfit.”

Exhibit A, your honor. She made a pouty face that triggered dirty thoughts. What’s a red blooded male supposed to do except play along?

Her outfit. Jesus Christ, is that what she was calling it? At nine months pregnant she was still the sexiest thing he’d ever seen and didn’t need the added enticement of a slutty Mrs. Claus costume. But this was Angie after all so she went for it.

The red velvet bra trimmed with white stuff and a pair of red Santa booties were cute as shit but the red panties and see through tiny white skirt trimmed in red made his cock throb. Especially since the skirt and panties were shoved under her bump. Making love to his pregnant wife was more delightful than he ever imagined. There was something about the pleasure bubble they created with their brand of loving, raunchy intimacy that made every time with her feel sacred.



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